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Co-author: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems Control Systems. A 110 Page Course, Published by TPC Training Systems, Buffalo Grove, IL
(1) Calculating Currents in Balanced and Unbalanced Three Phase Circuits, PDH Online Course E336, 2010
(2) Calculating and Measuring Power in Three Phase Circuits, PDH Online Course E344, 2011
(3) Relays and Contactors, PDH Online Course E466, 2015
(4) Electrical Power Instruments and Meters, PDH Online Course E467, 2015
(5) Calculating Nonlinear Power, PDH Online Course E483, 2015
(6) Electric Tariffs, PDH Online Course E498, 2015
(7) Protection of Low Voltage Circuits, PDH Online Course E499, 2016
Online Courses for Registered Professional Engineers
US Patent 6,695,218, Predictive Comfort Control (as inventor and preparer of patent application)
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