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Self-Publishing Review:
A Family Affair and Other Stories by Joseph Fleckenstein is an engaging collection of fictional and non-fictional stories that span the globe.
Fleckenstein is a clear writer, creating characters in the modern American style, somewhat terse and declarative, but still evocative. These are literary stories except for two, slicing off a piece of his life in the process, for stories that are at once personal and outward-looking. …
Each story conveys a sense of place exceptionally well, and clearly come from Fleckenstein’s own experience ... and in the attention to detail in the stories themselves. … While having an international focus, the stories are about the small moments between people, and the cover has more the feel of an international thriller with a singular cultural focus.
These issues aside, A Family Affair and Other Stories is an engrossing read. These are quiet, straightforward stories about a wide range of subjects and characters, for a strong literary collection.

The book is a paperback in 6 inch by 9 inch format and consists of 234 pages. Aailable at Amazon.

A Family Affair and Other Stories

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