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The Self-Publishing Review: The Kurdish Episode by Joseph E. Fleckenstein is a sparkling example of the “everyman with a shadowy past” who proves his mettle. What begins as a simple, yet mysterious task for an everyman quickly swells into an emotional rollercoaster of love, loyalty, and the determination to survive. … the novel patiently reveals the protagonist’s hidden secrets and then drops him right into the action. ...
Fleckenstein knows what a battlefield looks and sounds like, he articulates military strategy with ease, and draws readers directly into the firefight. The depth of research or background knowledge of the military and cultural groups represented in this book, including the Kurds and ISIS, make this story even more compelling and timely. This may be a work of fiction, but the setting and historical context are all too real. As a whole, The Kurdish Episode is a well-crafted and believable military thriller, highlighting a violent and confusing conflict still raging in the headlines today.

   The book is a paperback in 5 inch by 8 inch format and consists of 306 pages.

The Kurdish Episode

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